December 2015

A challenging year

15 Dec 2015

The last twelve months have created some challenges for us because seasonally 2015 has undoubtedly been the hardest since we moved to Riverton over eight years ago. All our steers and cull heifer weaners are sold straight off the cows, so we don’t have to look after them, but all the breeding females and good weaner heifers have been fed a molasses based supplement since the end of July, as any rain around seemed to miss our place. Our new season calving which fell between August and the end of December was straight forward, but not a lot of milk for them so far.

We also had to deal with some health issues for both of us, but thankfully they were able to be put right, and coming up to Christmas we are again in good health. We are looking forward to a family get together at Bargara, near Bundaberg, a week before Christmas to suit Richard and Julie, who both have to work during the festive season.

In Other News

Suite Annie

Larry’s pride and joy, his race mare, Suite Annie was recently sold to one of the leading thoroughbred racing studs in New South Wales. She won four races for the Actons in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emerald, but her breeding meant that she was more valuable as a brood mare. She was a half sister to one of Queensland’s best sprinting horses of the last three years, called Buffering.

The 2014 National Feature Show for the Braford breed was held at Theodore. Larry took down seven head of heifers for the prime cattle section, and won the Pen of Three Milk Tooth Heifers Class and came second in the Single Milk Tooth Heifer Class out of 14 mixed breed nominations.